Help SETI, Help You!

The recent funding cutback on Allen Telescope Array is quite disappointing, but it’s more disappointing to see people questioning why we should spend so much money on keeping such science alive.

Here’s late Carl Sagan in his own words saying why we should.

To view this is a graphical perspective, John at μcosmologist put together a very nice infograph showing how much we spend on other things compared to the cost to run SETI for a year ($2.5 million).

Below is a part of the infograph. Full version is here. (Many thanks to John for putting this together.)

After watching the video above and the infograph below, if you think you can spare some dollars to help to SETI to get back on track, head to SETI website to donate. The science SETI does is for everyone, for the people. So...

Help SETI, Help You!

Image credit: John at μcosmologist