Pass it on when you're done with it

Another orbit around the Sol concluded on April 18 and another is unfolding. It was an interesting year with many developments, both personally and professionally.

I'm pretty overwhelmed with all the birthday wishes from friends around the world. I want to "Thank You" each and everyone who sent greetings.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to do what I did last year for the birthday, because the kids were busy with a New Year program. But after seeing this moving campaign video done for Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society, I decided to donate my eyes on the morning of my birthday.

Hopefully, someone will get use of my eyes, when I'm done with it.


Jerry said...

that is the best gift anyone can leave behind

Geethani said...

That is very impressive Thilina. I am proud of you! most of young people are not as thoughtful as you! please let me know how to do it when you have time.