Totality and Victory

Total Solar Eclipse of 11 July 2010

FIFA 2010 World Champions - Spain

Above two images definitely sums up everything happened yesterday - Sunday 11 July 2010 - and it was one of those days you completely rely on technology and be thankful about it. Being able to watch two amazing events, FIFA 2010 Finals and the Total Solar Eclipse via internet simultaneously and share it with others was a great experience.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, blocking its rays and casting a shadow. The eclipse took place on the 11 July 2010 followed an 11,000km (6.900-mile) path over the South Pacific. The longest time of eclipse - five minutes and 20 seconds - was over the sea.

It's reported that some 5000 astronomers were spread out across the atolls of French Polynesia catch this spectacular solar eclipse. And few among this group took the extra effort to web-stream the Eclipse online for the rest of the world to watch!

As an effort to expand their outreach, I contacted few eclipse chasers, researched more and compiled a list of web-streams to one place, so everyone can easily access. This effort was publicized via Facebook, Twitter and other email groups. Should note that many of my twitter and facebook friends did a great job by sharing it with more people.

The first live web stream came via a group from Wakayama University at Hao (French Polynesia). Below are some screen captures from their web stream.

Few minutes into the Totality it got clouded and Wakayama web-stream went off line. Then a group called Shelios started a web-stream. Below are some screen captures from their web-stream.

During the 5-hour event, sky watchers spent as much as 4 minutes completely enveloped in the Moon's shadow watching in awe as the solar corona revealed itself to the human eye.

As soon as the eclipse ended, photos started pouring in, and it was a well treat for everyone. Below are some of the best images available up to now ( 5:30UT 12 July 2010). Enjoy!

Photo by Donald Gardner (Atoll de Hao, French Polynesia)

Photo by Donald Gardner (Atoll de Hao, French Polynesia)

Photo by Donald Gardner (Atoll de Hao, French Polynesia)

Photo by Donald Gardner (Atoll de Hao, French Polynesia)

Photo by Constantinos Emmanouilidis (Mangaia, Cook Islands)

Photo by AFP (Martin Bernetti)

Photo by Bill Kramer (Paul Gauguin - South of Tahiti)

Photo by Alson Wong (Paul Gauguin - South of Tahiti)

Photo by Alson Wong (Paul Gauguin - South of Tahiti)

Photo by Alson Wong (Paul Gauguin - South of Tahiti)

Photo by Stefan Krause from El Calafate-Argentina

Shelios expedition crew after the Eclipse and celebrating the Spain victory

It was a fantastic Sunday with the Total Solar Eclipse and the FIFA 2010 finals. If you missed the eclipse live feed, check the below video complied by Reuters.

First video from Reuters

Image: above images are copyrighted by the respective photographer.


Andrzej Lechowski said...

Fantastic depicting
of Solar eclipsing

Anonymous said...

Fantastic & Amazing Moment in Time!!!
Thank You Thank You Thank YOU!
Couldn't have said it better myself:)

Although we were all connected watching it via internet, I still cannot but help to think, and focus on, what it must have been like 1400 yrs ago (or 3000) for that island native who was almost completely isolated on his island nation to have his daily routine interrupted by such a serendipitous surprise...

Anonymous said...

it was absolutely fascinating...

i hope one day i can see it with my own eyes :))

Anonymous said...

Hello Thilina I would like to term this World Cup Final under Solar Eclipse.





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