Getting ready for another orbit around the Sun 2010

Dear Earthlings,
We just finished a wonderful orbit around the Sun. I know it had its usual ups and downs, but astronomically speaking it was a year to remember.
It’s amazing how one program – International Year of Astronomy 2009 – managed to get people to discover the Universe we live in. The best part about IYA2009 is that it’s not over! The momentum given by IYA will continue to this year. Already there are some wonderful events to take place in 2010. Much to expect!

Apart from my usual celebrations in a 31st night, I managed to capture the Partial Lunar Eclipse. It was a wonderful view of the lunar eclipse against the dark sky.

This full Moon known as a Blue Moon as well. I wrote an article for the local paper during the last Blue Moon.

Don’t forget its 2010: Year We Make Contact!
If you are a Science Fiction fan, you’d probably know what I’m on about. This year signifies the 2010: Odyssey Two which is a best-selling science fiction novel by late Sir Arthur Clarke published in January 1982. It also adapted to a movie in 1984 called 2010: The Year We Make Contact!

You can see a nice article written regarding this topic by Nalaka Gunawardene at his Moving Images, Moving People! Blog.

I wish all my friends and Universe CafĂ© readers a wonderful year ahead. Let’s make this year a memorable one!

Ad Astra!


Anonymous said...

Happy New 2010 for you, my AstroFriend!


Clear skies during all 2010!

Nalaka Gunawardene said...

Thanks for the link to my blog.

We still have much work to do. One of the most absurd and hilarious news items related to space and astronomy appears on the front page of Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka, today 2 Jan 2010. I have pasted it in full below. It claims to have discovered an eclipse lasting 15 days! See:

Clearly, the reporter nor editors had any idea what they were covering, and have completely mixed up lunar and solar eclipses!