92nd birth anniversary of Sir Arthur Clarke

Dear Friends, Earthlings and ET’s (as Arthur would often say),

We have almost traveled two orbits around the Sun without the presence of Sir Arthur Clarke. Today, 16th of December 2009 mark his 92nd birth anniversary.

After completing 90 orbits around the Sun, Sir Arthur rests in peace; perhaps now enjoying wandering in space or spending time with the dinosaurs he used to dream of. His passing was a great loss to all of us around the world. Although his personal odyssey here on Earth is over, his unparalleled vision of the future will lives on through his writing; and will inspire many generations to come.

Royal College Astronomical Society pays respect to ACC

I was able to go to the cemetery today with few students from Royal College Astronomical Society who wanted to pay respect to Sir Arthur.
The first thing you noticed is the wording on the tombstone which says, “Here rests Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, he never grew up, but he never stopped growing”. These words were written by Sir Arthur himself.

I find below image very moving, I took it last year in one of my visits to Sir Arthur’s office in Barnes Place, Colombo, Sri Lanka. I remember he used to wear this jacket sometimes, and seeing it hanging it at his room reminds how dearly we miss him.


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Image credit - Shahidul Alam (ACC potrait photo), Thilina Heenatigala


jcsherwood1950 said...

Thank you, Thilina, for this wonderful tribute to Sir Arthur. The trouble you've taken to pay him this honor, and to share it with others on the web, is deeply appreciate by those who live too far away to manage it themselves. We envy your ability to visit our hero!

All best to you!