Announcement of Sir Arthur C Clarke’s 90th birth day blog

Fellow Earthlings,

Sixty two years ago Arthur C. Clarke of the British Interplanetary Society sent a letter to the editor titled Peacetime Uses for V2 which was published in the 1945 February issue of the Wireless World magazine suggesting the use of Geostationary Satellites for the instant global communications. Quoting,

“I would like to close by mentioning a possibility of the more remote future--perhaps half a century ahead.
An ``artificial satellite'' at the correct distance from the earth would make one revolution every 24 hours; i.e., it would remain stationary above the same spot and would be within optical range of nearly half the earth's surface. Three repeater stations, 120 degrees apart in the correct orbit, could give television and microwave coverage to the entire planet.

Today, the Clarke Orbit has over 330 satellites. Sir Arthur C. Clarke, a science-fiction author, inventor, and futurist, simply a greate mind celebrates his 90th birth anniversary on 16th of December, 2007.

In 1959, he founded the Ceylon Astronomical Association (now known as Sri Lanka Astronomical Association). As the current General Secretary of the Association, I’m honored to run an association founded by him. And as a big fan of his writings and admirer of his work, I have put up a blog where every one could wish him for his 90th birth day.

If you are a friend, colleague, fan or simply an earthling who admires work of Sir Arthur Clarke, please write your greetings and good wishes on the blog.

Please forward this message around and publish it in your website/ magazine/ paper/blog etc… if possible.

Let us wish together a healthy and a long life for Sir Arthur.

Post your greetings and wishes at


Thilina Heenatigala
General Secretary

Sri Lanka
Astronomical Association


spiral115 said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Clarke! I have read many of your books.

Al the Rama stuff, "The Hammer of God", 2001!

You deeply influenced my way of thinking and looking at the Universe and aided the evolution of my psyche.

Thanks for all that you giv the world!

Max Astro said...

Sir, Clark,

Your novels have forged a vision for the world in just how spaceflight will in the future. So much of what NASA and the commercial space world is trying to accomplish comes right from you work. I can remember reading "Report on Planet Three" as teenager, and from then on I was hooked. From 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Fountains of Paradise, to A Fall of Moondust, we can see the world slowly changing into the place you envisioned it year agos. Albiet, more slowly than we thought!

Happy Birthday and many more to come.


Terry said...

Sir Arthur,

I wish you a very happy birthday as one who
has long enjoyed your writing and has the
greatest respect for you as a seer.

Terry Goldman, APS Fellow
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Los Alamos National Laboratory
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["... after seeing Maxwell, I felt somewhat
[discouraged, for here I met a mind whose
[superiority was almost oppressive."
[---H.A. Rowland (1st President, AmPhysSoc)

ridelo said...

Happy birthday, Sir Arthur!

Reading (and rereading) your books was for me the most enjoyable way to learn English. And it opened the way for discovering lots of other writers like Asimov, Dawkins, Dennett etc...
Most grateful and wishing you many birthdays to come.


maxtook said...

As someone who read his first science fiction story in 1943, I can well appreciate your achievement in achieving 90 orbits. As someone who has read all of your published work, I am in your debt, and wish you the happiest of birthdays, with more to come.

Jim Cooper

Eric Reynolds said...

Sir Arthur, thank you for the Clarke Orbit, for THE EXPLORATION OF SPACE, for EARTHLIGHT, for 2001, Rama, Maelstrom II, for being a force of REASON and for your influence on world peace.

Best wishes,
Eric Reynolds
Hadley Rille Books

Tim said...

Sir Arthur;

Our greetings to you today on the successful completion of your 90th orbit of the sun. Thank you for your writings, most notably 2001: A Space Odyssey, which have opened my mind to the infinite possibilities of the universe around us. Thank you for sharing your genius with all of us and showing us that we belong among the stars.

I wish you peace and comfort today and all of the days to come.

Tim King
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Bruce Hogman said...

I have had a deep admiration for Sir Arthur's writing for over 40 years.
His visions have taken me into astonishing realms. I must plan to read his works, as I know I won't be able to take myself away until I've finished, though very rude people remind me I need to eat and sleep.

I wish him well as he becomes a nonagenarian and hope he sees his own new century.