Physics of Love for Valentine's Day

It's time again, the romance is oozing from loved ones and singles looking for a date or ignoring the day. For the geeks out there, folks at Symmetry magazine (published by Fermilab and SLAC) created a fun set of physics-themed Valentine's cards for both in-love and out-of-love which ever the hat you are wearing this year.

My favourite from the lot explains, 'if you seek to rekindle (or extinguish) a romance with someone intrigued by the invisible elements of the cosmos, such as the yet-to-be-discovered dark matter, one of these cards might do the trick.'

Head over to Symmetry magazine to check more cards and to print yours. Just make sure that you choose the correct one for your current (or soon-to-be-x) partner.

Happy valentine's day folks! Enjoy wherever you are with whoever you are with (or perfectly fine to let it go as just another day).



janith tharindu said...

Funny! Just what I wanted :)

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My most loved Valentine/hostile to Valentine pair shows up above. The cards are intended for the individuals who "try to revive (or quench) a sentiment with somebody charmed by the imperceptible components of the universe, for example, the yet-to-be-found dull matter." The cards arrive in a couple of different flavors, including neutrino, LHC, and Max Planck. Look at the full lineup