RIP Mimi Burbank - a wonderful person

Mimi and one of her favorite activities - playing with the kids !

It is with great sadness I share with you that my good friend and a good supporter of Astro Book Drive, Mimi Burbank passed away on 28th of November 2010, just few days after her 69th birthday.

Few months back my friend, Larry Klaes introduced me to Mimi and suggested that she could use some help via my project - Astro Book Drive, which works on getting astronomy reading materials to groups in developing countries. Ever since the introduction, Mimi and I have been good friends and in regular contact, we have never spoken via phone or met in person. It was always via email and Facebook. I dearly regret that I missed two opportunities saying hello to her on Skype.

Even though it was only been few months since I got to know Mimi, I learned that she's genuinely caring person about life in Uganda and tried everything in her capacity to improve it. I was always amazed at the strength she had.

We were discussing ways of improving Astronomy in Uganda and how I could help them to get some materials. She went to meet Dr. Simon Anguma and Dr. Edward Jurua at Mbarara University to discuss these further and explored the idea of setting up an Astronomical Society for Uganda and how Astro Book Drive could help them. As a result Simon and Edward took forward the idea of setting up the society. Mimi and I decided it was best to start the book drive in January 2011.

Though she's not with us anymore, the book drive for Uganda will continue as planned and it will be dedicated to Mimi - a wonderful person, may she rest in peace.


Desh said...

So sorry to hear this... it's good that you can continue the work ahead in memory of Mimi and dedicate it to her name...

sam said...

sorry to hear this tins.. hope u can make her dream come true next year. xx