Astronomers Without Borders' Events for December 2010

To keep you busy in the coming month - December 2010, Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) has organized two great events.

Event: Cosmic Treasures: Online Observing Event with Virtual Telescope
Date: December 9
Time: 22:00 UT

Cosmic Treasures is an online event giving you a unique opportunity of experiencing Universe through the Virtual Telescope at Bellatrix Observatory in Italy. You will be able to see beautiful cosmic treasures of the Universe such as galaxies, nebulae and clusters of stars in real time, with live commentary by astrophysicist Dr. Gianluca Masi.
This is a free event and open to anyone. You can also chat with others online during the event, interact with the Dr. Masi in real time, or just watch and listen while exploring the Universe. Experience One People, One Sky as we share the sky together.

Event: Seasons without Borders 4
Date: December 21

When the Northern Hemisphere will experience their “shortest” day while the Southern Hemisphere will celebrate their “longest” day of the year, AWB invites astronomy groups around the world to join in with the 4th Seasons Without Borders event to celebrate solstice which will occur on December 21st, 2010, officially at 23:38 UTC.

Join with AWB in December to explore the beauty of Universe and enjoy the feeling of One Sky One People.

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