Buzz Aldrin completes 80 Orbits – Send him wishes

Today Buzz Aldrin turns 80. And you have the opportunity to send him wishes. The Planetary Society is gathering good wishes from all over the planet to present to Buzz. They will be personally delivering all the messages in a giant birthday card! Wish him now!

Buzz Aldrin (born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr.; January 20, 1930) is an American mechanical engineer, retired United States Air Force pilot and astronaut who was the Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in history. On July 20, 1969, he was the second person to set foot on the Moon, following mission commander Neil Armstrong.

I’m affiliated a multinational organization called Space Renaissance Initiative (SRI). Last year Buzz joined for one of SRI committee meeting via telecon. It was fascinating to interact with him. All the words he spoke were very inspiring.

Buzz in 2009

Buzz Aldrin
Astronaut Bio: Buzz Aldrin

Image credit:NASA/ Phil Konstantin